Wednesday, November 21, 2012

ANOTHER Natural Hair Monthly Subscription Service?!

Okay, just a few minutes ago I saw a post on someones page for yet ANOTHER monthly subscription service that offers natural hair products. 
This company is called It seems very similar to the other subscriptions out there, by providing 4-5 products each month in what they call FabPacks. I just hope they come out with something that makes them stand out from the other subscriptions services
And in no way am I trying to shoot down an entrepreneurs dream of starting a company but when does too much become too much!? For me it feels like overload because even though there seems to be a lot of products out there, there are going to be a lot of repeats in these boxes.
Of course the product junkie in me decided to check out the website and I also signed up to find out when they will start selling subscriptions.

What are your thoughts on subscription services? 
Thank you for reading!

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