Monday, August 27, 2012

CharyJay Style Card: Twisted Pin Up

So over the weekend I did another CharyJay Style Card look. This is a style I will keep in my arsenal and I will do it again the future. 
**I love up do's**
My hair is still short but I was able to manage and make the style work for my hair length. The video is below if you would love to see the way I recreated the style.

To purchase CharyJay Style Cards click HERE
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review: Carol's Daughter: Hair Milk Pudding Style.Define.Hold

I have always wanted to try out the hair milk line from Carol's Daughter, so when she came out with a new reformulated line, I was even more excited. 
I received the Hair Milk Pudding in this month's CurlBox. I was literally like "WWWHHAAATTTTT???" Because the pudding costs $22 and the CurlBox itself is $20, so I was really happy to get this product. 

I used this product on clean, conditioned hair. The pudding is fairly thick and is kind of like a creamy gel. I added my leave in and I coated my hair with about a dime sized amount of the pudding to each section. I two strand twisted my hair I allowed the twists to dry over night and I was pleasantly surprised of the results the next day.
Source: Instagram (ItsAvalon)

Verdict: B+ My hair was defined and not overly oily. I didn't need to add any oils to my hair for shine and my hair smelled wonderful. (When I first smelled the product in the jar I didn't like it but it smells better when it dries on the hair). The only complain is that my hair felt somewhat dry and crunchy, so I may add a moisturizer under the pudding for added softness. I have only used this product once but my first impression was nothing less than impressed. This is a keeper!

Have any of you tried the new hair milk line? What are your thoughts?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Taliah Waajid Fall 2012 World Natural Health and Beauty Show

Okay, the time is here (again) to start planning to go the Fall 2012 World Natural Health and Beauty Show in October. I was thinking I may not go twice this year BUT the exhibitor list is out and I see some vendors I would love to buy from. One vendor that shocked me is Carols Daughter!! I am not aware of them attending the show in the past so I am excited to see that they will be there. Here is the link for more information:

Do you see any vendors you want to purchase from? Hope to see some of you there!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Inspired: CharyJay Personalized Style Cards

Have you gotten yours yet? Well if you didn't or you are questioning what a "Personalized Style Card" is, please just stop reading this blog post right now and go to this Link and purchase YOUR personalized style card.

I recreated this style and I couldn't pull off the style exactly because my here is short but I made it work for me and I LOVE IT!! The style cards are great idea and affordable. The style cards help you to be creative, especially if you are "styling challenged" like me, lol.

If you would love to see how I attempted to recreate this style, check out the video below!

For more information on CharyJay's Style Cards here are the links:
CharyJay's Blog:
CharyJay's Youtube: 160days2lose2
Cards can be purchased here:

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Gabby Douglas: The Gold or The Hair?

Um, seriously people? Fuss over a 16 year old's hair? I can say that when I saw her hair I was like "Oh it isn't in a bun" *shrugs shoulders* and I moved on. 
This girl is so precious and a total BEAST as a gymnast and all people can attack her about is her hair. Oh well. Hate all you want but she is AMAZING!! Focus on her achievements and stop being so petty. She is the first African American female to win the all around in gymnastics. Gabby could care LESS about her hair and as the video says below if she focused on her hair then she wouldn't be a Olympian!!!


Great article and video about Gabby and the issues surrounding hair in the African American community.

Link to article:

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