Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review: Carol's Daughter: Hair Milk Pudding Style.Define.Hold

I have always wanted to try out the hair milk line from Carol's Daughter, so when she came out with a new reformulated line, I was even more excited. 
I received the Hair Milk Pudding in this month's CurlBox. I was literally like "WWWHHAAATTTTT???" Because the pudding costs $22 and the CurlBox itself is $20, so I was really happy to get this product. 

I used this product on clean, conditioned hair. The pudding is fairly thick and is kind of like a creamy gel. I added my leave in and I coated my hair with about a dime sized amount of the pudding to each section. I two strand twisted my hair I allowed the twists to dry over night and I was pleasantly surprised of the results the next day.
Source: Instagram (ItsAvalon)

Verdict: B+ My hair was defined and not overly oily. I didn't need to add any oils to my hair for shine and my hair smelled wonderful. (When I first smelled the product in the jar I didn't like it but it smells better when it dries on the hair). The only complain is that my hair felt somewhat dry and crunchy, so I may add a moisturizer under the pudding for added softness. I have only used this product once but my first impression was nothing less than impressed. This is a keeper!

Have any of you tried the new hair milk line? What are your thoughts?

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