Friday, August 3, 2012

Gabby Douglas: The Gold or The Hair?

Um, seriously people? Fuss over a 16 year old's hair? I can say that when I saw her hair I was like "Oh it isn't in a bun" *shrugs shoulders* and I moved on. 
This girl is so precious and a total BEAST as a gymnast and all people can attack her about is her hair. Oh well. Hate all you want but she is AMAZING!! Focus on her achievements and stop being so petty. She is the first African American female to win the all around in gymnastics. Gabby could care LESS about her hair and as the video says below if she focused on her hair then she wouldn't be a Olympian!!!


Great article and video about Gabby and the issues surrounding hair in the African American community.

Link to article:

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