Friday, June 22, 2012

Scab Hair

Scab Hair: Hair that is directly under the scalp that has been affected by the harsh chemicals (i.e. relaxers or texturizers). Even though the hair is new growth it isn't trained to behave in its natural state. The hair can be straight-wiry, very dry, hard, and brittle. it usually takes somewhere around 6 months to a year to completely grow it out. (Source:

I have been natural for about two years and I still have scab hair. I always believed years of perms caused those patches of hair to not act right. It's funny because I was only joking, not even being aware that there was an exact term for it. I really hope as I get further into my natural hair journey my hair will know how to behave in its natural state.

Do any of you have an issue with scab hair? Tell me about it below.

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  1. A lot of people don't believe it's real but I have seen it. Over time my sisters hair has become resistant to relaxers and has to use stronger ones. You have to flat iron it several times and no products give her any kind of sheen. Her new growth looks so dry. I was looking at pictures or her hair in its natural state and it looks nothing like the new growth she has now