Monday, April 23, 2012


I just feel like talking about something. Vaseline.
If anyone is still using petroleum in their hair they should not be attacked or singled out. If it works for them, then kudos. It is funny to think back to how naturals years ago, like my mom, grew long hair and had huge Afros without the arsenal of products most of us have in our bathrooms.

I remember when I was younger on Sunday's, the day before the start of the school week, my mom would wash my hair and get ready to style it for the week. She would tell me to go get the comb and the Vaseline. Now this wasn't any kind of Vaseline. This was the GOOD Vaseline from Trinidad (the country of my birth), it was not as clear as the Vaseline you may know, but it was more of a yellow color. It was packaged in paper and it had a very homey, natural smell to it. I loved smelling it as a child, I would never forget it. But I also never remembered my hair being dry or breaking when my mom greased my scalp and coated my hair with it. 

Now, today's naturals will go crazy if you are to use Vaseline or petroleum in your hair. Personally, I just wont put Vaseline in my hair again not because I am against petroleum in my products its just that, as times change practices change. And I think it is okay that the world evolves and we find different things to work with our hair.

What are you thoughts? Tell me about it below.

Thank you for reading!


  1. hey Avi,

    so here are my thoughts on this. I agree with you. I remember my mom using hair grease in my hair and my hair was very long. however, there are some con's about using such products...1) Lord the stuff is greasy to the touch!! lol u need a hankerchiff (sp?) if your gonna touch ur head. Maybe that is a good way to defend HIH syndrome...(hmmm, i may give it a 2)for some ppl like moi, the greasy scalp, made "dandruff/dry scalp" worse. I assume because my pores were clogged and a viscious cycle ensued.

    As i got older, and when i would perm my hair, i would put oils instead of grease. i had way less flakes, and while my hair was still greasy, it was relatively so.

    like you say tho, there are somethings that can and should change. but if it works for some, i'm not knockin em. my dad still to this day uses vaseline as a moisturizer in his hair. and girl it is s-o-f-capital T!! he doesnt even care about sulfates and had a caniption when i threw away a sulfate based shampoo.

    anyway...those are my 2 cents :)