Saturday, April 28, 2012

Moisture, Where Art Thou?

I have no idea what happened to my hair! It has been dry these past few weeks and it is driving me crazy. The only thing I can amount it to is the dry heat of the south. I have to find more products with humectants such as glycerin or honey because my hair is thirstay, lol! 

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I wash my hair every week and I deep condition. I always add a leave in and a butter or oil to seal...but my hair obviously needs more. What I need to do is to use my Huetiful steamer more and Pre-Poo more often to really hydrate my strands. I think it is both laziness and time that prevents me from finding out what works best for my hair, but I am learning. And if I don't jump on it quickly enough my hair is going to start breaking and I cannot afford that while transitioning. Okay let me jump on it and moisturize these strands!!

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