Sunday, March 4, 2012


Even though I have been natural for over a year and a half I am still learning so much. I have always heard of pre-pooing (Pre-Shampooing) but the most I would do is use a cheapie conditioner to detangle my hair prior to washing my hair. But pre-pooing is actually using an oil, conditioner or any type of mixture of both before shampooing and using heat or not, to moisturize the hair.
I was watching Br0nzeqt's youtube video where she mentioned a blog post on CurlyNikki's website about the use of the Huetiful Steamer and a pre-poo. I was really happy to learn more about it. Using the steamer and the pre-poo together allows the hair to absorb moisture and allows for more penetration of the oils. 
What is funny is that I had Burts Bees Avocado Pre-Shampoo in my stash of items, that I actually had for a LONG time. I used it once before but not with my steamer. I bought this product in a  health food store (on clearance) and I haven't seen it any where else. 

So what I did was, before washing my hair, I applied the product to dry hair and steamed my hair for 30 minutes,  rinsed it out, then preceded to wash and condition my hair as normal.
**Results** I really can say that my hair felt more moisturized after this treatment. My hair was shiner and much more manageable while styling afterwards. I have been really trying to find a way to really get the most out of my Huetiful steamer and I am so happy I tried this.
So I probably wont use the product frequently because I want to buy more before it all runs out. I will try to use oils or conditioners that I have lying around and make different mixtures that works for my hair.

Do you pre-poo? What do you use?

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  1. Burt's Bees is literally made down the street from me. I had no clue about the hair treatment. Adding to my list!