Monday, April 16, 2012

Scalp Massages

Scalp massages have been a staple in my hair regime because I have extremely thin edges. My thin edges are due to the years of perms burning that area and those tight ponytails I did every day didn't help. I regret the years of abuse I allowed my hair to grow through, but I don't think it is too late to revive it. 

Pitiful huh?
Scalp massages are a great way of promoting hair growth by stimulating and promoting blood flow to the scalp. 
Here is the equation, more circulation into the thinning area=the more blood flow to the follicles=the more hair growth. 
But I have found some alternative ways, including massage, to increase blood flow to your problem areas. Check them out below.

Massage: When massaging your scalp, always have an oil or butter of your preference to reduce breakage. I use castor oil, jojoba oil or Peppermint Tea Tree Temple Balm by Eden BodyWorks. I love any of these products because they are very moisturizing and stimulating on the scalp. Massages lasting anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute can help and this is also a great time to lay back and relax from a hard day.

Exercise: I have found out that exercising is a great way of promoting blood flow. Exercise keeps you fit and healthy and also allows for an increase in circulation of blood to areas that need it the most. The heart is able to pump blood to areas that are furthest from the heart, including the head, legs, and arms. I exercise at least 3-4 times per week and it's mainly cardio, which is excellent way of increasing blood flow.

Hanging low: Another easy way of promoting blood flow is hanging your head upside down for about 15-30 seconds. I do this every time before I work out (stretching), by bending over and touching my toes allowing my head to hang freely. You can even lay on your bed with your head hanging off the edge, which ever you prefer.

Water: If your body is thirsty, your hair is thirsty. Water doesn't help to promote blood flow but does help to hydrate the body and hair. Of course the recommended amount of water is 8-9 eight ounce glasses a day. If your hair is hydrated less breakage occurs in sensitive areas. So drink up! 

These are just a few techniques I know of, if you know anymore, please don't hesitate to comment me below. So take your pick and watch your hair flourish!

Thank you for reading!

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