Thursday, April 12, 2012

Is Finger Detangling The Way To Go?

For me, the answer is a BIG FAT NO!! Why you ask? I have 4B to 4C hair. Now I know some people don't go for all that hair typing but this is the way that I classify my hair. Thick kinky, tightly coiled 4B/4C hair. 
I have been seeing a lot of naturals raving about finger detangling lately. I give them all kudos for that. But as we all know not all hair is made equally. If I try to finger detangle my hair, my hair will crack up laughing, pointing it's curly fingers at me, wondering what in the world I am trying to accomplish. The amount of breakage and shedding I will get will be out of this world. For me, a wide tooth comb is the closest I am getting to finger detangling. 
One thing I will tell you is to know what works for your hair. It is okay to look to other naturals for inspiration but do not think for ONE MINUTE that what works for one natural works for the next. I learned that real early in my natural hair journey. 
But if you can finger detangle with ease, go right ahead. But if you can't, don't start crying when you have a clump of broken strands in your hair because your hair won't cooperate. 

What are your thoughts?

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