Saturday, February 11, 2012


So, if you read my first post you know that I have heat damage. These photos were taken the first night I washed my hair after it was flat ironed. I did a lot of things in attempt to make my hair revert (Beer, Aphogee treatments) and I even wet my hair every day when re-twisting my hair to see if any change would occur. And of course, no luck.
I decided if I ever flat iron my hair again I will do it for myself, with TONS of heat protectant. I have even realized that the areas that are slightly curly, isn't even close to my real texture. I was emotional for a very long time and I still look at other naturals and wish my hair wasn't damaged but I just see this as a learning experience. I cut only some sections of my hair, because I was actually planning on big chopping all over again. So that is why you see shorter sections in the pictures. My hair was past collar bone before all of this happened. But I am not going to be BC'ing again so I am now transitioning BACK to natural by protecting my new growth by keeping my hair moisturized and protected.
In each picture my hair is wet and has conditioner on it.

Are you a first time transitioner or making a second journey? Tell me about it below! 

Thank you for reading!

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