Thursday, February 9, 2012

My curlBOX!!

My curlBOX is finally here!!! I am so excited to review this box and the services I received while placing my order. 

Source: curlBOX

Of course, I gave in to my inner product junkie and ordered curlBOX on the opening day. I was order #7. (Yea, it was that serious). Of course like other naturals I was apprehensive about this service and was nervous to be the guinea pig. I had some issues registering my account because the system was asking for my federal tax id number (Social Security number). I contacted curlBOX on Twitter about the issue, no answer. I then contacted them on Facebook, they responded but not consistently. I then emailed the company. I got an email in about 10 minutes after I sent it out. I suppose it was Myleik Teele herself (The creator of curlBOX) that responded to me about the issue and she was quick to remedy the situation (her name was signed at the end of the email) . She was so sweet and helpful, so that was a bonus.
I received the shipping information on Tuesday Feb. 7th and UPS delivered it on Thursday Feb. 8th!! That is pretty good! The subscription is $20 per month and it provides you 5-7 hand selected natural hair products. The products you receive are from either established or up and coming brands. 

MY curlBOX!!!!!
The Goodies!!
Groove Therapy Eradicate Detoxifying Hair Cleanser, 2 fl oz
Curly Hair Solutions Extenzz, 2 fl oz
Hair Rules Kinky Curling Crème, 8 fl oz
Sofn’free GroHeatlhy Nothing But Curly Pudding, 0.5 fl oz
Sofn’free GroHeatlhy Nothing But Cleaning Conditioner, 1fl oz
Hair Rules Quench Ultra Rich Conditioner, 0.5 fl oz
Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia in Pomegranate Guava, 2 oz
I am satisfied with the product selection. I was very excited to see Hair Rules products because I have been wanting to tryout their products. The Karen's Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia leave in is a good addition to the one I already own, and I love this leave in already. I am also excited about the products that I'm not familiar with and I am willing to try to them out to see if they work for my hair.

I won't continue with this subscription (personal preference) but I may just sign up again in the future because after all, I am a PJ ;)
Did you get a curlBOX? How did you like it?

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