Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Can I Touch Your Hair?"

Today while browsing in Bath and Body Works, the sales associate asked me if I need any help. I said no, then she said "I love your hair!". First of all, my hair looked a hot mess, it was dry and the heat damaged sections wasn't helping the cause either, lol.
I said thank you and we started a conversation about natural hair. She has been transitioning for 5 months and she was so excited about going natural. 
Then she asked me to touch my hair. 

I nearly broke into a cold sweat! I allowed her to but I was cringing at the same time. Because Lord knows my hair isn't as soft as it looks. In my head, I was like "please touch a soft section and please don't make a face". I don't mind letting people touch my hair, but it's just that my hair is so resistant to staying soft and moisturized I don't want anyone judging my coily strands, lol. All in all it was nice to speak to someone about hair and she even gave me some good ideas on what she does to maintain moisture and prevent dryness. 

Do you allow others to touch your hair? If not, why?
Thank you for reading!

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