Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Guide to Natural Hair Companies and Sample Products

Have you ever wanted to try out a new product but didn't want to commit to a full sized product? I have found that receiving sample sizes is a great way to experiment with products without making that commitment. When I first went natural, I was all about using sample sizes and I was happy I didn't have to spend a great deal of money on something that possibly didn't work. 
These days a lot more companies are offering sample sizes because they know that it will bring in more customers to try out their products.

Below is a list companies that provide sample sizes. Most sample sizes or "mini's" range from 0.5-2 ounces and costs anywhere from $1.50 to $6.95. Some companies offer sample packs that have 3-9 products and those range higher in price.
(This isn't an all inclusive list. If you know of any other companies don't hesitate to comment below!)
  1. Pura Body Naturals (Price: $4.99; Size: 1-2 oz):
  2. Jessicurl (Price: $1.50-$6.95; Size: 0.5-2 oz):
  3. Original Moxie (Price: $5.00; Size: 0.5-1 oz):
  4. Miss Jessie's (Price: Free -$7.00-$9.00; Size: 0.46 - 2 oz; offers sample packs):
  5. Evene Naturals (Price: $4.00-$20.00; Size: 2 oz):
  6. HairVeda (Offers sample pack; Price: $25.00):
  7. Bee Mine Products ( Price: $4.50-$5.75; Size: 2 oz):
  8. Hair Rules (Price: $7.50; Size: 2oz):
  9. Curl Junkie (Price: $12.00-$17.00;Size: 0.5 oz; offers sample packs):
  10. Oyin Handmade (Price: $3.50 Size: 2 oz; Price: $12.00-$50.00 Size: 2 oz):
  11. Kozamaa Hair Care (Price: $5.00; Size: 2 oz):
  12. My HoneyChild (Price: $5.00; Size: 2 oz):
  13. Reve Essentials (Price: $2.50-$6.00; Size: 2 oz):
  14. Chagrin Valley Soaps (Price: $2.60- $3.75; Size: 1.5 oz): 
  15. Cush Cosmetics (Price: $3.50-$7.00; Size: 0.5 oz): 
  16. Karen Body Beautiful (Offers sample packs; Price ??):
  17. Terresentials (Price: $4.00; Sizes: 2 oz):
  18. Blended beauty (Offers sample packs; Price: $22.00):
  19. Koils By Nature (Offers sample packs; Price: $25.00):
  20. Amazing Botanicals (Offers sample packs; Price: $8.00-$60.00):
  21. Curls (Offers sample packs; Price: $22.00-$25.00):
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  1. I love samples, too. Sometimes companies will send you products (samples) if you write to least that's what I've heard. Great post!